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Who Can Join SWE?

Anyone can become a member of SWE’s Minnesota section. You don’t need to be a scientist or engineer. Join here. Note that your company may sponsor your annual SWE membership. Reach out to your HR partner, direct manager, or us if you have questions.

How to get involved.

Click here to join and see what benefits you gain as a member of SWE!

  • What are the benefits of joining SWE-MN?
    SWE's Minnesota section is a community of individuals who support the advancement of women engineers at all stages of personal life and professional careers. From STEM education and outreach in our local communities, STEM policy issues at all levels, and professional development and connectedness of our SWE members - SWE-MN offers countless opportunities to aspire, advance and achieve.
  • Who can come to SWE events?
    Anyone and everyone is welcome at SWE events! You do not need to be an engineer to attend any of our events.
  • Where can I find out about SWE events?
    Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on SWE events. You can also check out our calendar and all of our social media accounts.
  • What is the EC? How do I join?
    EC stands for Executive Council and includes the individuals leading the SWE-MN chapter for a particular year. EC members coordinate all events and programs offered throughout the year. Each year, we hold an election for our Officer roles (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary). Check out the Available Positions for openings and reach out to the SWE-MN Secretary to get involved.
  • What is the AC? How do I join?
    The Advisory Council (AC) is a team of experienced SWE leaders that support the SWE-MN EC. They attend monthly meetings, provide mentorship, scholarship judges, and nominating committee for officers.
  • What is SWE-MN’s fiscal year?
    SWE-MN's fiscal year runs the 1st of July through 30th of June each year.

Committee Members

We are always looking for volunteers on our committees! Please reach out to Professional Development, Membership, Scholarship, or Outreach if you are interested in those roles, or our SWE-MN President if you would just like to get involved!

Open to your expertise!

SWE is always open to welcome new members with any and all abilities. Email us with your position of interest.


Have a special skillset you could share with the SWE team? Tell us about it and we can see what position would be the best fit.

Members Thoughts on SWE MN

“I was very involved in my collegiate SWE section, so I was excited to find the professional section when I moved here in June of 2020 after graduating. With everything at that time being virtual, it was difficult to make new connections in a new city where I didn’t know anyone. The SWE-MN leadership team was extremely welcoming, and I was able to start planning events to bring together SWE members. I took over the roll of Membership Chair in June 2021, and I have enjoyed continuing to plan fun events and meet new people.” – Madeline Dublier

SWE-MN Scholarships

Congratulations to the 2023 SWE-MN Scholarship Recipients.
Learn more about this year's recipients by clicking the link below!
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